Monday, March 31, 2008

Seems Appropriate After Previous Post

Have you seen this yet? Zendulo, thank you for strapping on the angry pants:

It's a response to this video...which is pretty damn funny....but does lay a smack down. There are no hawt nerd gurls? What?:

Okay, I've already proven that DeadRabbit is dead sexy. But I'm gonna back up my girl Zendulo. And put on the angry pants:

Hawt in a post-Victorian, mournful English major, MLS student nerd-o-rific kind of way, no?

My nerd credentials?

Saw Star Wars (original release) in the theaters 14 times.

Saw Indiana Jones (original release) in the theaters 8 times. The last time, crammed into one seat WITH my brother because there weren't two seats free.

Collected Star Wars cards: full set of the blue and the red

1978, I'm eleven. My brother is six. For Halloween, I was Princess Leia and my bro was R2D2. My mom, an artist, recreated the costumes from my Star Wars cards. People were dumping bowls of candy into our halloween bags because we looked so damn cool.

Sheesh, let's cut to the present. Love R.O.D., finished Halo on Legendary and then replayed it on Hero using just the M6D pistol, play WoW, gave my spouse a written explanation of what it means to be a gamer pre-marriage (just wanted to make sure we wuz clear), read urban fantasy, quote LOTR (movies and books) and Monty Python with my best friend.

My ace in the hole? I can quote (in Middle English) the first 18 lines of the prologue from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales from memory. Boo-ya!

Probably not uber-nerd but not so shabby.


Ratshag said...

Thems what weren't there in '77 fer the original release missed out on something Epic, and nuthin' like that will ever happen again. Sux fer them.

Most impressive nerd credentials, all around!

Baila said...

I agree with Rats, most impressive credentials. My fav is that you know and love Russell's 'Hildy'.

Ah...fellow Horde...

Rabbit Stew said...

@ ratshag: oh gosh, you are so right. How to explain never having seen anything like Star Wars before and going into the theater with no pre-expecations? It just blew me away.

@ratshag and balia: hey thanks, I thought maybe I was little lightweight in the nerd arena. Glad I can compete. And yes...Hildy...she was so darn cool.

Grumpy Misanthrope said...

Ummm...The girls in that nerd girl video...not really all that hot. Zendulo...extremely hot...of course, I have a fixation on Allyson Hannigan too...

Rabbit Stew said...

@grumpy misanthrope: The pointy ears don't kick it over the top for you in the 1-900 video? /grin

I'm also wondering if you dig Allyson Hannigan as much as these people?