Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wait! It's Tuesday. Here's E-N

Erfworld: is about "a depressed pudgy strategy gamer gets zapped into a fantasy world" and Time likes it. Okay, so it's not a WoW webcomic but it's kinda like one, no?

Equinox: Defender of the Horde: This gem of a webcomic is no longer in production. But you have three years of back issues to read. Equinox: Defender of the Horde! Master of the Blades! Prolific Womanizer! Poet Extrodinaire!

Extra Life: "A great home for video game players, comic lovers, geek livers, and all around pop culture freaks"...since 2001

The Flaming Ruby: Site is being updated. But it is suppose to be funny. And no rabbits are being harmed in its production.

Flintlock: Imagine Big Red Kitty with quite a few screws loose.

GG : a monthly WoW web comic...and its funny...you'll laugh.

Grim Tales from Down Below is based on the The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy but not really. It's a bit darker. And it's on this list, because IF there was a webcomic about the undead, it would totally look like this. Oh and because it is fantastic

GU Comics: Since 2000, a gamer's webcomic...and ever so often they have a WoW panel.

The Guild: YouTube series. You must have already seen this, right? 'cause if you haven't...go...go right now.

Hammar of Grammar: Has the best first panel ever: "oh aye, an' all the sex at parties"

The Hunter’s Mark Hmmm, what to say? Do more, please?

Karazhan Bingo Kestrel first gave me a head's up about this fantastic blog and deserves the credit /clap.

Leeroy Jenkins: Even if you don't play WoW, you've seen this video. And I still laugh.

Looking for Group: I heart Richard the Warlock.

Mac Hall: The site is getting tweaked but here's the lowdown--college age gamers. Wait have we heard that one before? Yes, and it's still funny.

MadCow-Studios: It's something like Weird Al Yankovic parodies WoW on YouTube. Got it?

Messy Cow: WoW Manga about a Female Tauren. Okay we HAVEN'T heard that one before and it's funny.

Monkey Punchers: Day in the life of a gamer...new kid on the block but I loves him for this mage comic.

Moonkin Flowchart: Pretty darn cute and its a flowchart.

The Noob: A non-WoW webcomic set in a WoW like universe.

Not Another Warlock Nerf writes a good blog and has some good funnies: Do You Know How Hard it is to Play a Warlock? and Chuck Norris Plays a Lock