Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's so funny about Monday? A-D

So, I thought I'd take a look around the Internet and see what sort of WoW-related humor I could find. Sheesh....there's a lot out there. A-lot! So here is A-D of what I found.

(This list is heavy on webcomics, lite on Youtube, etc.)

Action Trip: is a general gaming news site. However ever so often they post a comic and some of them are wow-related.

The Adventures of Blanc: An Allliance-side webcomic. I will forgive the artist for "blaming the rabbit."

The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf: Another Alliance-side webcomic. And another artist with issues about rabbits. Come 'ere guys...let a bunny give a thug a hug.

The Adventures of Superheroman: A webcomic covering the Alliance and the Horde. I haven't found any evidence of bunny issues. Meglomania yes, bunnies no.

Adventures with Play: Blogging *and* comics *and* commentary. oooh we like.

AppleGeeks: Webcomic about a group of college age friends...who are gamers. Which means ever so often you get a WoW related post. But read this even though it is lite on WoW, the artwork and writing is great.

Awkward Zombie: Another talented bugger: webcomics, flash comics, artwork...wowza! Just started playing WoW, so there is some WoW content.

Big Blue Dress: It's a robe...or a kilt...you could call it a kilt.

Blizzplanets list of WoW Easter Eggs: Nope we ain't talking about Noble Garden eggs but these kinda eggs.

By Way of Booty Bay: Really distinctive artwork...worth reading even though there's areoles right in the eye...ouch.

Blizzard Commercial: Jean-Claude Van Damme: Originally saw this on BRK's site and one of the commenters provides a translation...sweet!

Blizzard Commercial: Mini-Me: Ouch...why...why did Blizzard pick Verne Troyer to portray a mage. I assure you that I do not pee in corners (see Surreal Life 4 or don't. Actually...don't).

Blizzard Commercial: Mr. Shatner: Over-emoting!

Blizzard Commercial: Mr. T: Mohawk!

Chuck Norris Jokes: For when you absolutely must spam trade chat.

Daily Graffiti/Manic Graffiti: Good stuff and the artist does commissions of your WoW toons. Um, how cool is that?

Dangers of World of Warcraft: A take on a 1950s comic "The Dangers of Alcohol." Can't find the artist of the WoW remake...but whomever they are...they are brilliant.

Dark Legacy Comics: Consistently funny. A guild's adventures in Azeroth kinda thing.

Ding!: Horde-side webcomic. Beans and Broccoli, ftw!

Dragontouched: A true Swords and Sorcery WoW adventure.

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